Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Food Truck

Deann Jackson

The mobility of your food truck is important to your business. When your truck is inoperable, you do not have the freedom to move to new locations and set up shop. To make sure your truck is ready to go, you need to take care of it. To help keep your food truck on the road, here are some maintenance tips you need to follow.  

  1. Keep a maintenance log. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the different repairs and maintenance steps you take with your truck, but it is necessary. Without a log, you could miss out on an important maintenance task, such as getting the oil changed.  

  2. Fix windshield chips and cracks. Small chips and cracks in the windshield might not seem like a big issue, but they can grow larger. Your windshield is a safety feature of your food truck and when it is damaged, the structural integrity of your food truck is weakened.  

  3. Check the tires daily. Improperly inflated tires or unevenly worn ones can impact the performance of your food truck. The truck's weight and the combination of bad tires could make for problems. A daily tire check can help you spot problems before they occur.  

  4. Check the oil levels regularly. Each time you have to fill up your food truck's fuel, check the oil. Allow the truck to run for 15 minutes so that the warm is oil and you can get a more accurate gauge of the level.  

  5. Search the hoses for signs of wear. Your food truck has a series of hoses under the hood. If the hoses are worn, a range of problems could occur, including the truck overheating. Squeeze the hoses every couple of months and listen for crunching sounds. If they crunch or feel hard, a replacement of the hoses is likely needed.  

  6. Keep the battery clean. Acid buildup on the battery can occur and interfere with how efficiently the battery powers your electrical system. An occasional brush of the cables with baking soda and water can keep the battery in good condition.  

Problems with your food truck need to be addressed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the truck might not breakdown conveniently near a mechanic's. You can call in a mobile truck repair service to come to your truck's location and assess it. If repairs are needed, the mechanic can take care of them then. For more information, contact companies like Arizona Fleet Service.


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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

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