Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

4 Surprising Facts About Donating Your Car

Deann Jackson

You probably already know that donating your car allows you to write the value of the donation off on your taxes, but how much else do you know about this unique way to give back to your community? Donating a car to charity can help someone in need while removing an old and unneeded vehicle from your people, but it can do much more than these things.

If you think a donation might be the right way to deal with a car you no longer need, check out these four surprising facts that may convince you that this is the way to go.

1. It's Environmentally Friendly

There's no denying that automobiles can affect the environments they drive in, but did you know that cars continue to be an environmental issue even when they no longer run? Junked cars contain numerous harmful chemicals and substances that can be a major concern when left to rot. Even though you may not need your car, it's still affecting the world around it.

Although charities may not use donated vehicles directly, they typically sell them to buyers who recycle them or strip them for parts. As a result, your car stays out of the junkyard, and its components can receive a second life.

2. It's Versatile

Organizations that accept donated cars use them for various purposes, but the most common option is to sell them to interested buyers. In other words, your vehicle donation is often as good as cash. This fact makes donations a great way to give back to charities you care about since they'll be able to use the money they make from the sale to achieve the maximum possible impact.

3. It's (Very) Easy

Donating your car is often much more straightforward than other options for getting rid of an unwanted vehicle, such as selling it to a junk car or selling it on the private market. Most charitable organizations will accept vehicles in any condition, running or not. Since you're not negotiating over a price, there's no need to provide detailed information about its condition or problems.

In most cases, you won't need to do anything except pull the plates, remove your personal items, and sign the vehicle over to the tow truck driver.

4. It'll Feel Good

Selling an old junk car for a few bucks can put a tiny bit of cash in your pocket, but it rarely brings in enough money to be worthwhile. On the other hand, donating your car to charity allows you to give back to your community while supporting an important cause. This simple act of generosity can leave you feeling surprisingly good about yourself and your ability to make a difference in others' lives.

Contact a company like Cars 2 Charities to learn more. 


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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

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