Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Three Tips For The Perfect Car Wax Application

Deann Jackson

Achieving a brilliant shine is always the goal of a car wash. While wax is usually the method for achieving this shine, how you apply the wax has everything to do with the finished look of your cleaned car. Learn what wax application mistakes you might be making so that you can steer clear of them.

Dry First

On a hot day, washing your car isn't exactly an enjoyable, or even comfortable, experience. However, if you want to achieve the perfect finish, you need to take your time. First, ensure that you only apply wax to a freshly cleaned vehicle. 

If the car is dirty, any dirt, dust, or other debris will combine with the wax and make the exterior of your car look cloudy. Second, make sure you completely dry your vehicle. If the car is damp or wet, the wax will look streaky, and you'll likely have to re-clean your vehicle to remove the streaky look.

Keep It Restrained

Don't exercise a go big or go home mindset when you clean your car. When applying wax, less always equals more. Too much wax can actually dull the appearance of your vehicle, as excessive wax creates a tacky or streaky like look that creates an overcast, rather than making the car look vibrant. 

Start off with a small amount of wax and only build on as you see fit. You should always make sure you are distributing an equal amount of wax around the vehicle. Additionally, if you put too much wax on your vehicle, it may be difficult to remove the excess wax. 

Use a Clean Cloth

You always want to ensure that the cloth you use to apply the wax is clean. If you use a dirty rag, keep in mind that everything that is on the surface of the towel will also be spread around your vehicle. As a result, the wax will appear streaky. 

Even worse, if the cloth has hard or gritty particles on it, you can actually scratch the surface of your paint, which can lead to even more issues. Always use a cloth that is designed especially for wax application, and when applying the wax, make sure you do so in a circular motion to achieve a more even finish. 

If you want your car to look great, don't hesitate to take your vehicle to a professional car wash. With professional services, you'll have a high-gloss wax shine every time. 


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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

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